Station 7: Animations and Graphic Design Station 8: Screen Cast, Green Screen, Demonstration and Lightboard V ideos Station 9: H5 P - Online Lessons & Interactive V ideos Station 10: Object-making, O f f-site V ideos and Interviews Stairs up to T yree Room Station 2: V irtual tours and 3D models Station 1: AR/VR Immersive Experience Station 3: S T ACK for Moodle quizzes Station 4: Accessibilit y , Apps and Scenario- based learning Gal l er i es R oom 2 The Gonski R oom The P e t er Fa r r el R oom Gal l er i es R oom 1 Lei gh t on Ha l l R e g i st r at i on Mai n ent r an c e Station 6: Smart Sparrow Adaptive Learning Modules Station 5: Simulations T y r e e R oom, L e v el 1 Stairs down to Foyer The Inspired Learning Summit 2018RA MP Multimedia Showcase Floor Plan & Station Locations